Noise Sound Detector: A New Innovation For Sound-Proof Airbnbs

The trend of Airbnbs brought the hospitality industry with a huge wave. Many home rentals are now converting their properties to be more Airbnb rental conducive. The property is well and more aligned to serve come and go renters but also serve for long-time tenants.

All in all, the Airbnb wave changed drastically how the hospitality industry has been before. The trend of checking-in to hotels is still in, however, the massive demand of Airbnbs are undeniably increasing hence, Hosts and Guests do have their own specific demands and the more concerning one is noise. 

While it is inevitable that there are Airbnbs rentals that serve for home parties, gatherings, and get-togethers, some renters are not using their Airbnbs for that purpose. This is evident as customers come with so many variation, which is why many Airbnb Hosts are now getting more innovative in making sure that their place is still the best for both target markets. 

The Utilization Of Noise Sound Detection 

There are already many noise and sound detectors out there in the market today but it's just now that it took the interests of a larger market - the Airbnb Hosts. 

Little did we know that these small yet smart devices can help out huge markets such as Airbnbs. The high functionality of such a product makes it more appealing to these type of industry who are concerned for the welfare of its guests. 

What Is A Noise Sound Detection?

A noise sound detection is the practice of making sure that the level of sound is appropriate to the environment and the people in the vicinity. This practically means that a specific decibel should be observed in a specific place - for this case, it's the Airbnb rentals. Since guests come in variation and with a variety of purposes why they rent out an Airbnb room. This will take in place and will make sure that the level of sound exposed is within the registered decibel designed for that place.


How does the Noise Sound Detection Help?

Technically speaking, a noise sound detection works closely similar to how home temperatures and other detectors work. But this time, the noise sound detection only detects specific levels of decibel and excessive release of decibel to a human ear. Not only that it detects but also measures how long the sound is being released.

Inshort, it detects the level of the excess decibel and the duration of it. The algorithm and the program that comes with this detection system is carefully tailored to detect the right decibel so any excessive amount and level of decibel being released automatically gets detected and alerts the people around more specifically the Hosts/owner. 

Though its important to cite that the issue of having too much noise on Airbnbs are rare incidents only, the preventive measures of having a noise sound detection in place can alert both the Hosts and Guests to maintain the level of sound that's accepted in the area. This is to make sure that all guests including the Hosts privacy are being respected and considered at all times.


The noise sound detection also acts as a warning signal before any issues of nuisance will be reported. This will save the business and the guests time in reporting nuisance cases which is a very minor offense case but quite a trouble for everyone involved. With the help of a noise sound detection system, it keeps everyone in their guard to make sure not too get overboard with any recreational activities they will do inside and within the Airbnb premises. 


Moreover, there are some ordinances that covers excessive nuisance that might lead to fines or even police filed reports. This is just some of many concerns that Airbnb Hosts would like to prevent before anything else happens. More importantly, they are not always around to monitor and check-in with their guests so the Noise Sound Detection helps a lot for them to improve the way they manage their business.

Why Consider Installing Noise Sound Detection? 

There are various reasons why purchasing and installing noise sound detection is a good move for your business. But here's the top three that might change your perspective.  

Stop parties from happening in your short term rental.


With the help of a noise sound detection system, you can easily leverage your Airbnb business especially in a very tight and competitive industry where countless Airbnbs are keep on showing up from time to time. Once you market your Airbnb rooms have this type of system installed, the potential guests rate will increase drastically since they have an idea of a much improved security and prevention. This will also give your business an edge among its other competitors. Guests will have a different perspective in looking for an Airbnb. 


Be notified in real time of the sound level.

Most of the time, Airbnb Hosts are not in the premise as the concept of this is to give the entire place to the Guests, to make it like their own and use it on their own preference. With that mentioned, it is expected that there will be instances that loud noise will be observed and a possibility of neighboring room or place will deem it as a nuisance. 


As a preventive measure, the Noise Sound Detection will help you to avoid this cases from happening. Once the level of sound exceeded the registered decibel in the noise sound detection system, it will blare an alarm sound notifying both the guests and the hosts. This is to make sure that everyone in place is fully aware that they're overboard in creating sounds. This feature overall improves how the Hosts get to manage the business also in other form a way to control and handle the situation with the guests. 


Don't risk your account being removed by Airbnb.


All in all aspects, the Noise Sound Detection can greatly contribute to your business overall performance. This is considering that the industry already has a very tight competition, having an advanced system like this will not only attract potential customers but also get your business positioned in a good place. In totality, this innovative method increases all the odds your business will get. One innovation that is very adaptive and pose a high efficiency rate. Getting a noise sound detection system is one great deal to consider. 

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