Smart Bike Lock: The Smartest Way For Bike Safe Keeping

A key to protecting your property, especially those that can be taken away when you are not around is to have a lock. Bikes for example, can be protected from thieves by attaching locks such as cables or chains. But, isn’t it too much of a hassle to carry chains or cables with attached manual locks using keys or number combinations. Imagine what will happen if you forget where you put your keys and you're about to use your bike. The traditional way of doing it its not getting any effective as robbers and thieves are now crafty as well in getting things done. 

Smart Bike Locks work as Anti-Theft Devices 

Burglar alarms are widely used to protect bank vaults, expensive cars, and highly valuable items like artifacts, paintings and national treasures which are so enticing to the eyes of the robbers. In one way or another, burglars usually create noise alarms to alert security and owners. Smart bike locks on the other hand work in the same way, but owners can customize their usage as smart bike locks communicate through one’s smartphone. It opens and closes automatically the bikes even if the owner’s hand is full since it aims to operate in a hand free system.




Its anti-theft feature comes in as the lock communicates automatically to the owner’s mobile phone app. Also, unlocking the smart bike lock requires a QR code. Access to unlock the bike will not be allowed unless a QR code is scanned. Thus it will be very difficult for thieves to take the bike away from you.

Sharable Lock System




Smart Bike Lock that communicates through smartphone apps that can be shared to other smartphone users. Same as how you permit your neighbor free access to your Wi-Fi by providing him the password. So if you wish to share your bike with a friend, you can give the app to him too, just make sure he didn’t provide this app to others without your consent, lest you allow another way of stealing.

Those who were given access can only unlock the bike even when you’re not around, and lock it back when not in use. This is handy especially for families that shares with your bike. You can let them borrow your property without worrying about getting it stolen. 

Why should you use smart bike locks rather than conventional locks using keys?

With technology advances, securing your bikes with conventional keys is a thing in the past. But using smartphone apps, bikes can be opened and closed through the digital bike lock- better and improved security compared to traditional chain and key lock. With its alarm, your smartphone may trigger once another unauthorized hand touches your bike or tries to break it.  This can be done by either manually pressing a button on a smartphone or directly on the lock, or set to fully automatic.




While conventional keys work at its best with the owner's risk of being misplaced or lost, but most likely prevented by duplicating them, smart bike locks function to outsmart conventional keys' purpose in terms of safekeeping your property. Nowadays, smartphones perform like a digital secretary at the palm of your hand, easy to use wherever you are at your own pace. These functions are set to be applied for securing personal property that are most attractive to thieves like your most cherished bikes. Gone are the days of annoying bulk chains and keys.

Bikes are a conventional mode of transportation but they're likely prone to thieves because they are very accessible as they are parked outside and they are lightweight. Thieves can just easily break the chain and carry them over. Hence, a digital device can ease your fears of losing the belonging you have acquired through hard work, or as a gift. Using smart bike locks, ensures you still have them when you are back and gives you a peace of mind that they are still secured even while you’re away.




Is Smart Bike Lock Energy Electricity Consumption Friendly?

Inflation affects almost everyone and affects almost all commodities including electricity. It is wise to also consider the electrical consumption of smart bike locks. Good thing that this is a pre-charged device attached to your bike. Though operating on a lock on, lock off system, still, electricity consumption is inevitable. But thanks to the technology applied on smartphones, smart bike locks’ energy intake is not that much, and depends on how often you use the device. Furthermore, since it works on your control you can prolong the energy it must consume.

Moreover, smart bike locks’ battery and battery packs usually lasts for 40 hours in one charging time depending on the length of time it operates. On the other hand, typical batteries last from 6 months to a year. Factors like weather, environment and temperature may affect how long the batteries of the smart bike lock lasts. Proper care and handling may contribute to lengthening its shelf life. Everything is dependent on the owner’s hand.

Is Smart Bike Lock a Wise Choice?

Among the many things to consider in deciding to use or not a smart bike lock must include some of these important factors: user friendly, power consumption, and anti-theft feature. 




You will never have to look for lost or misplaced keys again. It promises convenience through connectivity using smartphone notification. The assurance of a high level of anti-theft protection in this fast moving world is quite remarkable. Energy consumption and battery shelf life works at its best so that owners need not to worry about high electric bills monthly. So, the next time you want to consider securing your bike, smart bike lock is a must try.

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