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Smart Door Lock Slim
Steve Skinner
Good product, UI needs updating

This is a good quality product. Can always be installation challenges with a retrofit but the support was great. Wish the UI was a little smoother - for example new user setup is a bit cumbersome. Also would be great to be able to directly unlock from the app instead of issuing a pass code. Still, think this is the best out there and very happy with the purchase

Works great but instructions could be better

Works as advertised but instructions required some creative thinking. If you’re looking for an internet-connected temperature monitor, this will do nicely.

Smart Temperature Monitor
James P. Morrison
Set up & ease of use.

Found setup and ease of use harder than it needs to be.

Beautiful looking hardware, suspect software

First let me say that this handle set is beautiful. It looks so so good in my modern styled house. However beautiful it is, that doesn’t make up for the poor software used to operate the lock. While the lock software itself is rather basic and functional, the app integration is terrible. Poor wording, lack of clarity, and limited options make it difficult to setup and use. Also, (and I may be wrong) but there can only be one app administrator (read: only one person can create and manage entry codes for guests). There is no Apple HomeKit support either.

Smart Door Lock Thick
Richard Cutler

Once it’s working correctly, it will be great

Temperature & Humidity Monitor

The temperature and humidity monitor is doing what it’s supposed to do, and it seems to be doing it well. It’s good to be able to get current temperature and humidity readings remotely.

Nice lock, with a few faults

I love this lock, it works for what we want it for generally. However there are a few things I was expecting for a lock at this price, (after all cheaper locks do offer what I'm expecting).
1. The process listed in changing the tongue around to suit the other direction and the actual work involved is not very easy. I had to loosen some extra screws to finally do it.
2. The tongue gets stuck in the open position some times (attached pic shows this)

3. The app integration needs work. I was expecting the app to allow me to open the door. It does not.
I was expecting that I could add fingerprints and or password from the App, I can't.

1. I like the admin sharing feature. So I have another admin that can do admin stuff in my absence. (i've seen no other lock with this feature)
2. I love the "remote dynamic password"
3. All Operations from the keypad is smooth and clear, thank God.
4. Customer support before, during and after was good. Got a soft copy of the manual as soon as I bought the lock

Smart Door Lock Sleek
Jeremy Legatt

Looks great and works great. Have not had full interaction as I only installed for a client on a wine room door.

Smart Door Lock Thin
Susanna Fike

Customer Service was great, unfortunately the locks didn’t fit our door, still waiting on refund, but they were friendly and always called me back right away and tried to help in anyway they could.

What is the app or qr code for appp


Gas Detector

As long as it's just plug and play, all's good

I like the monitor but would prefer a black background and white numbers would be easier to read.

Smart Door Lock Slim
Robert Schulingkamp
Great lock, needs a bit more app integration

Installed for greater than one year. Installed to a most difficult location and the only lock that would. I agree the access through the Tuya app is disappointing and lacks needed enhancements. Mine does not unlock via the app which is limiting. None of the ways the app is said to integrate works, ie. Temporary pass codes, unlock commands, etc do not work. Alexa integration would be welcome also.
Jake - mine locks from the inside by rotating the handle counter clockwise and unlocks by simply turning the handle normally, clockwise. If yours doesn't do this, ensure the latch bolt fully extends into the door jam when closed. Try it with the door open.

Okay product. Bad company.

Not only poor product but absolutely horrid company to do any business with. Never ever ever buy from them.

Smart Door Lock Slim
Anne-Laure Dauliach

Getting this smart door lock for my Airbnb in Costa Rica was a god send. I have a sliding door in my place and I had a very hard time finding something that would work, but I reached out to the connected shop and sent in a size inquiry and they were able to let me know if their lock would work for my door , and it did thankfully. Shipping was about 10 days. I had a locksmith friend of mine install it and it has worked like a charm, super happy with my purchase.

Smart Lockbox
V Loughe
It works!!!!

Hoping it will last a long time.

Smart Lightbulb Camera
frank thetonia

works great easy to install great picture

Works perfectly.

Works exactly as intended.

Nice lock with one flaw.

Really nice lock has many options for entry but it can not be locked or unlocked from the inside you have to use the keypad on the outside.

Just a bit more…

It took me a little while to figure this thing out (instructions and explanations are lacking), but once I did — I really like the units and the (ultimate) utility.

One BIG sticking point for me: how do I know the readings are accurate? Is there a way to calibrate these things?

Great picture quality!


I have used it and it works. It is a great addition for me. It makes driving my 03 Corvette much easier. I will and have highly recommended it to others. Thank you

It's missing a clip to secure the lock to the bike

It's missing a clip to secure the lock to the bike whilst riding.
You can engineer a strap to the frame of the bike with a receiving latch plus a clip on the back of the lock itself to affix the lock to the bike so it doesn't bounce around.