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Smart Door Knob Lock
Orlo Ellison
Nice Product, easy install

It’s a very nice lock. I’ve installed 3 of them. Easy to install, fits a variety of doors well. The number pad is a little dim in sunlight. The finger print recognition works most of the time. Opening with the phone always works.

Smart Window Cleaning Robot
Michael DeBernadi
Good not perfect

Title sums it up. On balance I’m happy I got it. I do run it several times to get glass streak free, changing pads frequently.

Works great

I love the finger print door lock. Only issue is that it doesn’t fit the thickness of a standard interior door. But we added a piece of wood under it to get it to fit. It’s on the inside of a closet so it doesn’t matter but if I put one anywhere else in the house I don’t know how I’d get around the aesthetics of that issue.

Smart Door Knob Lock
Robert Adams
Pretty Good

This seems to mostly be a good product.
The construction feels solid and a fingerprint is a lot easier than fumbling with keys, which is why I bought it. I went with this lock because I don't have (nor want to install) a deadbolt on my door, which is the form of most smart locks like this. This one is just a doorknob, which is what I needed.
Overall, I like it and it does what I bought it for.

A few caveats:
I feel a bit misled by the "Works with Google Assistant" label because apparently it needs an external gateway device of some sort that I don't have in order for that to be true. The reality is that it's bluetooth only. If you buy the gateway, that talks to the lock over bluetooth, and relays to Google via wifi.

Setting up fingerprints and passcodes with the Android app is reasonably easy.
It came with a few proximity fobs that I have not yet managed to figure out how to configure.

Getting the battery wire to lay correctly is tricky when installing/changing the batteries. I actually damaged the thin wire while trying to screw the battery cap on and had to use a soldering iron to fix it. Be careful putting the cap on!

The fingerprint sensor is a bit fickle and it often takes more than 1 attempt to open the door. I would advise you rotate your finger to more angles than I did while training the lock.

The ability to open the door from your phone works, but seems pretty pointless since you have to be in front of it (Bluetooth is short-range) and you likely have a fingerprint or code in it, which would be easier than opening the app on your phone. Presumably, the app would work with the gateway that I don't have, and allow you to open the door from anywhere.

Smart Padlock Bluetooth
Allison Burguess
Loving my new lock!

Love it so far! It is nice to be able to control the lock from your phone and add or remove people. Since the lock requires the use of a finger print, having a key is not necessary. No longer loosing keys, or not having keys with you for teenagers. Great lock if they need one for their school locker!

It helps certainly

Been using it to clean glass window spots difficult to reach. But if window too high and impossible to reach then cannot use it? It seems that I need to change its direction often to cover a large surface.
I wish it had memory?

Lock works good

This is an OK lock. Needed additional tools to install the lock in the door. Cannot get the Bluetooth to connect. Instructions are not all that awesome. Wish there was a way to turn off the voice, it is a bit annoying. The lock could light up red if there was an error instead of the voice.

Smart Door Lock XL
Geovanni Cartwright

All OK. Recommend to everyone.

Plant Monitor (Great Product)

I'm using this plant sensor for a university research project. It seems to work very well and it seems to provide reliable data. It is easy to set-up and use. This is a great product.

Fingerprint Door Knob
Adonis Wintheiser

very nice and high quality product.

Mirror Dash Cam

Connected Shop staff was excellent to do business with. The Mirror dash cam is a good product for the price range. The Installation manual needs some revision and expansion to understand the many, many setting options. Day and night clarity is very good. The ability to re-aim both cameras by just touching the mirror is great. Final installation appearance is excellent. The mirror dash cam is much more adjustable than is described in the owner’s manual. Worth the money.

Fingerprint Door Knob
Terrance Frami

Great product, I like it very much

Fingerprint Door Knob
Holly Schowalter

The color is beautiful and the door lock is exquisite. It's what I want

Fingerprint Door Knob
Piper Abshire

The door lock is very slick. I like it very much. The quality is good.

Fingerprint Door Knob
Francisco Klocko

item as described and very easy instructions for installation and perfect fit. app works well and easy to operate. definitely worth recommending this product

Really good unit. Easy to install and operate.

Virtual Laser Keyboard
Santiago Osinski

Great product

A great and innovative product, it's exactly as they describe it, very comfortable and very well packed.

Very good is very pretty

Fingerprint Door Knob
Stewart Wilderman

the door lock installation is very convenient. a very satisfactory shopping experience

Very satisfied! Thank you very much

very good quality leather and comes very well packaged I recommend

well made material. nice color. I just loved it!!! thanks

Fingerprint Door Lock
Lester Paucek

Thank you, great product.