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Wallet is really big

High tech value

Excellent product, well made and very high tech!

Works well

Thank you mick for recommending the proper solution for our light commercial application.

Smart Door Lock XL
Drew Johnson

Great product but the installation instructions were not clear (we had a professional install it). If we could figure out how to keep it from locking every time we go out the door that would nice.

Good quality product. Recommend

Smart Pad Door Lock XL
Malika Barrows

Excellent Product. I love it!

After using a normal timer, I switched to this, which is very convenient.

Deadbolt Smart Door Lock
Fredrick Harvey

Item is the same as advertised--great quality, cost-effective, and instruction for the setup was easy to follow.

At the ripe age of 79 I had my dash cam hardware installed for me. As for the set up of the software I set up myself with some help from the people at the ConnectiedShop. I feel secure if I happen to be involved in or witness and accident for “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Love this model which has the rear camera.

Rear Camera Smart Car Mirror Dash Cam

looks good. fast delivery.

Door lock is working perfectly. Thanks!

Arrived in good condition. Installation took quiet some time but it was easy overall.

The product resembles the description. Highly recommended

Highly recommend this product. Customer service is nice and accommodating as well.

Smart Car Mirror Dash Cam
Rosalinda Perez
Mirror Dash Cam

Love the Mirror dash cam. Works beautifully and installing it was done without any problems. The picture quality 👌. 🙂

Very nice product

The video quality is great

Amazing material and design really happy with the purchase 😊

It's easy to use. The phone holder fits perfectly to my phone! It's a great product to make videos, and you don't even need to use Bluetooth or any app. I use it for video chats and it also helps to attend zoom meetings and other video meetings. Facial recognition is perfect most of the time. I like the fact that I can connect it to my tripod. It makes filming very easy. Very easy to use, and this shop has good customer service too.

It can turn in both directions to follow the human subject, no matter which way the subject moves.

I really like it! It really follows you when you move. Great product!

Really great smart door lock

Locks perfect. Practical to install, configure and functional. I enjoy using this lock. Customer service was very quick to answer all my inquiries too.