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Smart Door Lock
Jerry Hyppolite
Great lock but the Tuya app..

The smart lock is amazing, but you have to ask which app the lock is connected to. The TTLock app is way better than the Tuya app. if you want to truly experience this amazing smart lock get the one with the TTLock app. Other than that, the customer is second to none. The Connected Shop has assigned locksmiths and the one for NY, Malcolm, is a great professional. I am more than satisfied with everything but the TUYA APP.

Great Smart Lock, Horrible Instructions

You have to have the company email you the right instruction manual but it's a great door handle and easy to use. Great looking, good action. The app leaves me wanting as well though as I was hoping it would show me when it is locked or unlocked, etc. Overall I'm very happy with it as it does what it's supposed to do on the basic side.

Grand daughter gift

She loves it, loves being able to take it outside yo explore bugs and leaves

Husband loves his smart wallet

My husband always misplaces his wallet so when I saw these I had to get him one. He had never seen them before and loved it.

Got three

Look professional, inside and outside. They are in three spots in my boiler room that have traditionally leaked. Got 'em all covered! Thanks.
BTW, what is the battery life?

Smart Padlock Bluetooth
Richard Padgett
Awesome lock

We love it. It was just what we needed for our backyard gate.

Great service

Excellent product! Flawless and very smooth touch. The design is modern and very easy to install. I highly recommend buying it. It is compatible with Alexa as well. Works perfectly. Thanks!

Smart Temperature Monitor
Orlo Wintheiser

The product does as it should and is very excellent at it. Highly recommended item and shop!

Smart Light Switch
Ena Rodriguez

Not yet installed but already bought a similar one before so I know that it's a wonderful product! Super recommended.

Smart Water Bottle
Brandt Block

Great smart bottle! A little heavy to bring with you, but really keeps my water warm and cold well, for 12 hours enough at least. The display works and the temperature shows correctly. Package was secured and it arrived surprisingly fast. Highly recommend.

It's the right product for us. Really helpful in monitoring our rooms. I love it!

Great product and great app. Very easy to set up and convenient to use.

Smart Light Switch
Madaline Heidenreich

The switch has great quality, is easy to install, and has very good workmanship. Considering also that it is very easy to set up in the mobile app and works perfectly with Alexa.

Smart Pad Door Lock XL
Nathaniel Kressin
I'm happy with the smart lock

I had some limited options for a smart lock because the door already had a mortoise lock. This lock required some additonal boring but the installation went well. The lock was ordered 10/21 and it didn't arrive until 11/14. This was a big problem because the lock that it was replacing was broken. The Connected Shop did a great job communicating and pushing the carrier for a resolution. The only reason I give this product a 4 start instead of a 5 star is because the setup instructions are difficult to understand and the voice responses from the unit are unintelligle. I can tell the words are english but I can't really understand what some of the words mean. This product is a good value for the money but it still needs some refining.

Arrived fast. Package was good. All ok

Smart Water Bottle
Christine Johnston

Very good product quality. We are very pleased with it. Packaged good and safe.

Shows really accurate temperature and humidity levels. Great product and awesome customer support. Thanks!

The controller is a very cool feature and works perfectly. The only two minor things that I wished to be better were the temperature log, maybe it can store temperature history measurements every 5 mins not every hour; and the second thing is the alarm tone, maybe it's possible to make it more intense (loud). So you know something's wrong or have been compromised with the temperature. Although overall, I am a big fan of it and I'm very happy with this purchase. Thank you!

Smart Light Switch
Dameon Hagenes

Product arrived early. So I have yet to install it to see if everything works normal. Although it's a sturdy product with great material. Will surely be back to buy other products from this store. Thank you


Arrived quickly. Easy set well...

Smart Water Bottle
Grant Ledner

Incorporating this device to the app was quick and easy. Works exactly as described. Thanks for this!

Smart Temperature Monitor
Jackeline Keeling

It arrived very fast. Everything was well connected in the mobile app and the item works great after putting batteries. I'll definitely buy more for my other rooms.

Smart Door Lock
Jason Cooper

It took 5 minutes to install and 5 more to set it up.
In the weeks I’ve been using it it has been flawless.
I love the fingerprint convenience. Now I never have to look for my keys

It came quickly enough, it works perfectly, it connects simply. Thank you