Fingerprint Door Knob: A Real Investment For Your Home’s Security & Safety

Although a door handle or door knob doesn't actually take up much room in a house, it is essential to a home's security. Entry into a residence is controlled by the door handle. It can be closed securely or left open, locked or unlocked.

For many years, entry door handles have undergone design and construction advancements . Even while a modernized door handle and an old handle could share some characteristics, they differ significantly. Older door handles have a distinct difference between their appearance and how they work when compared to door handles made nowadays.

Let's see how the evolution of the door handle, the components, and features that define some modern entry door handles. At the same time, let's understand how we can all benefit from modern door knobs. 

A Brief History Of Fingerprint Door Knobs

With doors and handles, it's not a typical chicken or egg scenario. Doors are the obvious choice when asked which came first. However, doors used hundreds of years ago weren't like those used today. An old door could appear similar to a curtain to a modern eye.

During the primitive days, animal skins and other fabrics were once used to construct a wall in front of an entrance. Those animal coverings and fabric wraps weren't exactly reliable compared to what we use now. Furthermore, they lacked handles or knobs, making it possible for anybody to enter and exit.


As technology continues to evolve powerfully, door handles and knobs have undergone many construction and design changes. Wooden knobs were used in the beginning, subsequently metal. Some knobs were made of glass or ceramic and intended to be attractive.

Door handles have become simple to use and intuitive over time, and the locks that go with them have improved in security. The development of increasingly sophisticated lock designs allowed people to live in their properties with greater comfort and without having to worry about theft or break-ins.


The word “modern design” usually confuses a lot of people.  When we hear the word “modern”, it means the innovation that a certain thing, place, or person has undergone over a period of time. After all, we prefer to move and do things in the most modernized ways. 

Linking this to the way you choose a modern door hardware, you must keep these things in mind to make sure that your home entry and exit systems are hassle-free. 

Clean Door Knob Design Lines

When choosing fingerprint door knobs, it is all about clear, clean lines and straightforward details in contrast to past forms, which appeared to be more elaborate and theatrical. For both customers and designers, modernism must have seemed like a refreshing breath of air after the heavy adornment of the old age. 

Functionality Of A Fingerprint Door Knob 

Form and function are a great criteria talking about the overall functionality of a modern door knob. Certain products' practicality was important, but so was their aesthetic appeal. Although the design aesthetic preferred that products function as intended, it didn't always prioritize utility over form. A fingerprint door knob is one criteria you must consider when picking a modern knob lock.


Sleek Design With Enhanced Security 

Modern door knobs are streamlined and uncomplicated. They typically come in sleek finishes and have a simple, non-decorative appearance. Look for clean shapes instead of rounded ones when choosing modern door handles. The knobs shouldn't contrast with the decor; rather, they should blend in.

On the one hand, it is also essential that modern door knobs are installed with enhanced security. Burglars and thieves today are exhausting too much effort on how they can intrude on your properties. Installing personalized passwords, PIN, or fingerprint will surely ensure an added security for your home. 

Furnishings, Composition, & DIY Installation 

Take note that modernism prioritizes function over form. Modern architecture frequently puts aesthetics first. In a modern home, there could be furniture that is only there to look beautiful.

Relatably, fingerprint door knobs use this concept when it comes to furnishings and composition. Moreover, a good modern door knob must have access to a DIY installation. It lets everyone know how they can install this at home without the help of professional locksmiths. 

Why You Need To Switch To Fingerprint Door Knobs?

While a conventional door knob is cheap and inexpensive, here’s why you should switch to a fingerprint door knob.


Easy Entry & Exit System 

The busiest part of our home are the doors. We come in and out any time and any minute. When there is too much load to carry and you are still using a contemporary door knob, your burden is doubled. Switching to a modern door knob will surely let you in and out seamlessly. 

Simple Access for All Ages

When we get old, our vision tends to go blurry. This is a serious problem when our doors are still using the conventional door lock. A fingerprint door knob is helpful because when you register a unique fingerprint lock, there is no need for a key to open it. A well-made design efficient for older people or people who have problems with their eye-sight or hands such as Parkinson’s disease. 

Undisturbed Work-From-Home Set Up

Today, most employees prefer a work-from-home set up. Aside from saving time, money, and effort, they can spend most of their time with their loved ones. However, in daily meetings that happen inside a four-cornered work room, children might come in easily when using a conventional door knob disturbing your work. This is why a modern door knob must be used in order to keep undisturbed meetings and discussions.


Final Thoughts

Whether forming out from scratch or renovating a home, you must look for a door knob that matches your overall property’s design. This is crucial not only for the overall functionality of your door, but for the security and safety. 

Therefore, you must consider looking for a modernized door knob that has clean lines, added layer of security, and a DIY installation option. This is helpful not only for people to appreciate your sense of style, but the safety of your property and your family. 

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