Smart Lock for Sliding Door

“That was the longest ride for the airport ever! And what was that terrible music!”

John’s trip to Minneapolis was successful. Contract in hand, he’s talking rapidly into the phone, downloading to his secretary everything that will need to be done to fulfill the contract. She’s at home scribbling notes. The smart lock for the sliding door is a saving grace at this late hour.

John gets to the door of the office, a gorgeous sliding door that opens onto the building's oversized porch facing the road. Super classy! For a long time, John and the team would have to fumble for keys to open the door. After a long trip, with luggage in tow and always on the phone, it was a hassle. Now he opens the door with his thumbprint. Fast, and secure, this new biometric smart lock for sliding door is the answer to a lot of prayers.

Use a Smart Lock for Sliding Doors

The door to your Airbnb, the side door into the house, the office door for a professional office, even the sliding door on the side of the workshop can all be controlled with a thumbprint, saving a lot of time and hassle.

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Because it’s Wi-Fi enabled, the lock can be opened remotely, as well. If your employees arrive before you do, you can push a button in the app and the door opens. You can also lock it or confirm that it’s locked using the app as well.

Peace of Mind Security

Not only is the smart lock for sliding doors secure, it also provides you with a way to see who opened the door and when.

  • Need to know when the weekend crew worked? Look at the lock log.
  • Had something stolen, but they didn’t break in? Check the lock log.
  • Need to know the kids came right after school? The lock log will tell you.

The ability to operate the lock from anywhere and to see who opened and closed and when is what makes having a smart lock an outstanding choice.

The Locking Mechanism

Depending on how your door is configured, the locking mechanism can be a deadbolt, a mortise lock, or any other locking mechanism.

Sliding doors can have a myriad of locks, such as the double bolt lock, an electromagnetic lock, or a loop lock. No matter what kind of lock the door requires, a smart lock can operate it. Nearly all locks operate on moving the bolt or mortice. The smart lock for sliding door simply does that action for you on command.

Keyed, Keyless, Biometric

A truly advanced smart lock for a sliding door will allow you to use many ways to open it. A keypad that allows you to open it with a code is important. If your hands are cold, wet, or injured, your thumbprint might not work as well.

The Smart Lock for Sliding Doors office

Biometrics, like a thumbprint, are perfect for easy entry. As easy as unlocking your smartphone, you can unlock your sliding door. When you’re tired or loaded down, this is great. It’s also very useful for property managers, since they can program all the locks to open at a touch so they don’t have to carry a massive ring of keys anymore.

A keyed entry is important. All smart locks use batteries. While problems are uncommon and the batteries can usually last for years, you need to open the door if the electronic mechanism fails. Having a key will let you open the door, maintain the smart lock, and return everything to normal again will make sure no one is ever locked out for long. The keyed entry is peace of mind for everyone who knows that there should always be mechanical backup to every electronic device.

Short-term Rental Security

Many beach houses and mountain cabins are entered through sliding doors. Being able to reprogram the code remotely can make your Airbnb rental easier to maintain. You can also let the guest program their own thumbprint to remove the need for a key. No keys for guests means no lost keys and fewer re-keys by a locksmith.

Adding Motion Sensors 

Since your lock records everyone who goes in and out of your home or your business, adding motion detectors to let you know when someone is at the building will allow you to keep even greater access control.

An important feature to add to office, industrial building, and rentals is motion detecting lights. This will let someone see around them and keep your billings safer. Motion detectors and smart locks for sliding doors work well together to keep your staff, family, and buildings safe.

Smart Locks and Apartment Buildings

Bob, who does maintenance in seventeen apartment buildings across Atlanta, needs to move around easily, get the work done, and get out. Every day, the office will gather his work orders for the day. They log into the locks for each of the tenants' doors where there’s work to be done.

Bob’s personal passcode is put in so he can enter the apartment. As soon as he’s done, he notifies the office that the work is completed. The office takes the code out of the lock.

If there’s any accusation or concern by the tenants, there’s an unimpeachable digital log showing when Bob entered, when he left, and when the code was removed from the tenant’s lock.

The Smart Lock for Sliding Doors apartment

The Smart Lock Revolution

Smart locks have become commonplace on front doors, but sliding doors are relatively new to most consumers and business owners. The advanced technology is more secure than a standard lock because the lock records every event, like opening, closing, changing of codes, and more. This control of flow, into a home, a business, or a short-term rental, is perfect for anyone who wants to know everything that's happening on their property at all times. This small revolution is making sliding doors, whether they are sliding glass doors to patios or sliding doors on the front of buildings, better, more secure, and more controllable.

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