Smart Car Mirror For Your Next Roadtrip

There's this unexplainable fun and enjoyment when you are down the road driving- watching the beautiful scenery around you and feeling that cool breeze on your face. This is the reason why many people are somehow jealous of others who are constantly on the road and traveling. The freedom and the chance of going to places that you've never been before are liberating. 

Now you might currently be thinking and planning your next road trip destination in your mind, which is a nice place away from the busy buzzing streets of the downtown city, away from the monotonous daily life routine, just something far away, maybe the countryside. Whichever destination it will be, you must be sure that you will be traveling safely. The best road trips are enjoyed when you gear yourself with all the necessary stuff you need including an emergency kit. But most of all, it's best to equip your car with its safety tools and accessories. 




Front and Rear Viewing: Driving Convenience At Its Best

You've read that right, your car battery, machine, and wheels are not the only things that should be checked and ready for a long trip but also need to be equipped with the right accessory that will help you enjoy your road trip even more. Say hello to the best smart car mirror, an advanced technology innovation that is made and designed to equip cars and give its user better and clearer road vision. 

But that's not only that, with the help of endless possibilities of modern technology, the smart car mirror allows you not only to access the front view while driving but also allows you to simultaneously view your rearview or both at once. This feature gives its user the most convenience when driving, minimizing possible vehicular accidents and other unprecedented events while on the road. 

This convenience removes the hassle that many car owners like you complain about. And you don't have to constantly check your rear view or at worst check the back of the car through the window while parking or driving through narrow roads- that's a problem solved! 




4K Mirror Dash Cam: Clearer Driving Vision

We know that mirror dash cams are already popular these days but a 4K Ultra-High Definition wide angle dash cam is not something you see everyday plus not all dash cams produce high-quality images. Blurry images lower your driving efficiency resulting in a much bigger problem. 

Acquiring a high-quality mirror cam makes your driving smooth, clearer, and has a better vision at its finest. No need to worry about checking the car behind you or looking at the road in front of you, having a smart car mirror that has 4K UHD will be one of the best decisions you ever made. 


Wait there's more.. Have you heard of dash cams that have night super sensors? You might think that it's a little bit extra for a dash cam right? But we are sure it will come in handy when driving at night.

Your viewing capability has limitations and driving at night causes a delay in your vision so some things are not clear. But thanks to technology, modern dash cams are now equipped with night super sensors. These super sensors offer a clear video resolution even after dark and without any glare from other car lights behind you.

Pretty awesome, right? No need to cancel that fun night drive if you have a smart car mirror like this. 




Qualities of Smart Car Mirror That You Should Look Into

Now that you know how efficient installing your smart car mirror is, this time let's talk about what qualities or specifications you should look into. This short yet ultimate guide can be beneficial when you decide to purchase one.

Given that, there are a lot and many variations of smart dash cams out there in the market, and it's pretty easy to get lost in that vast sea of choices. Some buyers are attracted to the designs but very low video quality, some sell too high and some sell too low that baits many buyers. 

This brief guide will give you specific ideas on what to look for and what to consider before buying. 

Wide-Angle View: Technically, dash cams are being marketed because of their wide-angle view but some dash cams do not have that capability all the time. Make sure to test out the product if it's showing a wide-angle view. The logic of having wide-angle view dash cams is to maximize the viewing capability of the user. The wider the view, the more aspects of the area can be viewed such as what’s happening in junctions and side roads.

Geo-tracking and Emergency Services: This might sound like going an extra mile kind of feature but technology has been tested throughout and it's there, it's possible. GPS-enabled dash cams will cost you extra dollars but the additional security is worth every penny. Modern and the most upgraded dash cams nowadays are now GPS-enabled. Road accidents are imminent thus there's an additional layer of security that allows dash cams alert collision and automatically notifies emergency services. Through GPS you can be located and send out emergency service to your aid. 

Resolution: This is not new anymore, buyers are now closely looking into how clear the video of each dash cam is. Poor resolution is a big no-no. Hence, looking for a 4K resolution smart car mirror is the best option there is. Also, you don't want to spend your hard-earned cash just to buy a low-resolution dash cam. 

Auto-Start & Auto-Recording: This feature is now widely used among many manufacturers as this allows more convenience for the user. Once the vehicle starts, the dash cam automatically turns on and starts recording too. This ensures that the dash cam is turned on right away and doesn't require the user to do it manually. 

Extra Memory Capacity: Storage capacity is one valuable factor for smart car mirrors. Due to the high-resolution range, you might be needing extra space to store all your recorded videos. There's another option such as cloud storage but that's something you need to check in with before buying the product. Make sure to purchase a larger memory card on this matter. 

Smart car mirrors are necessary, before, this piece of car accessory is just a mere upgrade for a vehicle. But times have changed and many users are now looking for an additional layer of security and so here it is providing users the very main thing they asked for. 

Now that we have come so far, we are hoping that all the information we have shared will help you on your next road trip. Remember, safety always comes first. Make sure that you are all ready, you and your vehicle. The fun starts when you are safe. Keep your eyes on the road and have fun driving. 

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