Is It Worth Having A Smart Water Leak Detector In Your Property? Everything You Need To Know

Water leaks are a common property problem. Many landlords and property managers encounter this kind of building and construction issues leading to major financial expenses due to repairs and renovations. Also, water leaks cause moldy walls and warped floorboards and even damages appliances and furniture , hence, many property owners are turning to using smart devices such as water leak detectors. Since water leaks are difficult to trace and to notice, these smart devices can detect them early before leading to a major disaster in the building. 

But how efficient is having a smart water leak detector installed in your property? Is  it really worth the price? Will it do its job effectively? Or is it just a waste of money? 

In this article, let's discover all about smart water leak detectors, how they work, their efficiency and effectiveness and answer the question: will they  really help you and your business?


What Is A Smart Water Leak Detector? 

Smart water leak detectors come in a variety of names such as water alarms, smart water leak sensors; others even have it in smart sensor systems. These types of smart devices are programmed with smart chip sensors that detect any excess amount of water when in contact.

smart water leak detector

They are equipped with smart detection that sets off alarms while others offer a visual display indicator that shows that there has been an excessive amount of water being released. Some smart water leak detectors come in small undetectable packages while others are bigger in size enough to be noticed around the property. Nevertheless, the purpose is still the same. 


How Does It Work? 

Each type of smart water leak detector generally serves its main purpose- and that is to detect any water leakage in a property. However, they differ when it comes to each device's programming, notification system, and alarm indication.

Some of the high-end smart water leak detectors are capable of turning off the main water system to prevent small leaks turning into bigger ones. Some are also sophisticatedly programmed to alert the household by setting off an alarm.

smart water leak detector


And the most recent upgrade is having the smart device connected to a mobile phone smart app, sending real-time notifications to the owner straight to their phone. All these upgrades have made it easy for property owners to prevent bigger problems from happening.


Installing At The Right Place Matters

Smart water leak detectors efficiency depends on where it is installed. Yes, you've read that right. Just like any smart devices such as smart motion sensor and camera, installation areas are very important in order to maximize the capability of the device. 

For huge properties such as commercial spaces, malls, and corporate buildings it is important  to have the smart water leak detectors installed in areas where sinks, toilets, furnaces, boilers, and pipes, drain and waste pipe systems are located.

smart water leak detector

For smaller properties such as Airbnb rooms, hotels, and rental spaces, it is best to have it installed in areas such as near hot water heaters and pipes, cold water services, near washing machines or laundry rooms and sinks. These areas are highly prone to water leakage as this is where water is being sourced out and frequently utilized. 

Places such as the kitchen and bedrooms come in second due to the air-conditioning system and the refrigerator which also produces water drips. This is a very rare occurrence but it happens, especially if there's  poor construction of areas in a property.


How Do Water Leaks Occur? 

Water leaks can be inevitable situations whenever you own a property, no matter how good  your property has been constructed. As time goes by, parts get old, and simply deteriorate.

This usually happens in the plumbing system where the entire plumbing setup ages over time. Include the water hammer cases, where water impact over time speeds up the aging of the plumbing system. Other reasons can be  caused by extreme pressure and corrosion, perhaps because of a strong impact such as an earthquake. 

smart water leak detector

Moreover, water leaks are also caused by extreme freezing temperatures which are very frequent in areas where extreme weather conditions happen such as areas that experience long winters. When your plumbing system freezes, water in the pipes freezes  too and this expands and creates pressure within the pipes,  hence slowly creating cracks and eventually leaks. 

Getting notified of these water leaks is essential so as to prevent damage to the property. Hence, the purpose of the smart water leak detector. Water leaks might not be completely avoidable but it can be greatly reduced and that's the reason why it is imperative to have a smart water leak detector installed in a property. 

How The Installation Of A Smart Water Leak Detector Can Help You? 

There are numerous reasons why having a smart water leak detector can help you and the way you manage your property. Here are some major reasons that will  give you an idea and change the way you look at this smart device. 


smart water leak detector

Avoid Costly Repair Expenses 

As already mentioned in the first part of the article, water leaks cause a lot of damage to the property if not taken care of quickly. If excessive and continuous water leaks are left undetected, there will be major damage to your property, which leads to expensive repair costs. This is one of the vital purposes of having a smart water leak detector- to avoid all these costs that will also affect the way you run your business. 


Convenient Property Management 

Who has the time to continuously check on their property for water leaks? Who would like to keep on spending money on repairs? No one. Property owners and managers would like to avoid all of these situations as much as they possibly can. Having a smart water leak detector installed in place gives them the peace of mind in managing their business efficiently. 

Some programs for the smart water leak detectors send real-time notifications, so it gives property managers and owners more time to do other things rather than constantly doing a run-through check of the building. They can rely on the alarm indicators and notifications the smart water leak detector provides in case there's a water leak in the property. 


smart water leak detector

No More Surprise Utility Bill Price Spike

Here's the thing with water leaks, you don't notice them right away. You see a spike in your monthly utility bill all of a sudden. The first incident may not push  you to do an inspection but later you'll notice that there's something wrong and that's when it's too late and the water leak has already caused damage to the property. Expensive utility bills plus damage repair costs result in major headaches. Don't get caught in this kind of dilemma when you can avoid this kind of situation by installing a smart water leak detector. 


Just like the old adage goes, prevention is always better than the cure, and that's how the smart water leak detectors operate. Detection is always better to avoid facing and solving a bigger problem. Improve the way you manage your property today and get yourself your own smart water leak detector.

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