Discovering Features and Benefits: Adams Rite and Smart Door Locks

The fusion of smart technology with proven, dependable hardware isn't merely a passing trend—it's a substantial enhancement to conventional systems. Smart door locks are at the vanguard of this technological evolution. Central to this transformation is Adams Rite, a company renowned for its high-quality door hardware solutions. With a history of producing robust mechanisms suitable for various door types such as aluminum, glass, and metal, Adams Rite has been a preferred choice for commercial and upscale residential settings for decades. By integrating cutting-edge smart lock technology, Adams Rite's reliable hardware forms the perfect base for secure, contemporary entry systems.

In this article, we will explore how smart door locks enhance the inherent strengths of Adams Rite hardware, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in door security solutions today.

Understanding Smart Door Locks

What is a Smart Door Lock?

Smart door locks are advanced electromechanical devices designed to replace or work alongside traditional mechanical locks. It allows for the locking and unlocking of doors through electronic means, typically using authorization from a remote device such as a smartphone, tablet, or special key fob. These locks often connect via home Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth, providing a host of sophisticated features that promote both enhanced security and greater convenience.

Key Features of Smart Door Locks

Remote Access

One of the most compelling features of smart door locks is their ability to be operated remotely. This means you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere you have an internet connection, providing peace of mind when you are away from home. It's particularly useful for managing access to your home, perhaps by letting in housekeepers, dog walkers, or repair technicians, even when you're not physically present.

User Management

Smart door locks offer sophisticated user management options that traditional locks can't match. They allow homeowners to grant or revoke access to different users at specific times. For instance, you can provide a contractor with access during a scheduled visit and then revoke that access as soon as they have left, all from your phone.

smart door lock camera

Enhanced Security Features

The security features of smart door locks go beyond simple locking mechanisms. Many models include built-in alarms that can detect and alert you to potential tampering or forced entry attempts. Auto-locking features can automatically secure your door after it has been left unlocked for a certain period, and access history logs provide a record of every action taken with the lock, including which users accessed it and when.


The convenience offered by smart door locks is unparalleled. The elimination of physical keys removes the hassle of copying keys or changing locks when keys are lost. Modern smart locks include a variety of entry methods such as keypads, fingerprint scanners, and even facial recognition technology, making it easier and quicker to gain entry without compromising security.

Energy Efficiency and Battery Life

Smart door locks are designed to be energy efficient. Despite their advanced features, many are battery-operated and can last for months or even years before needing a battery replacement. They typically alert users well in advance when batteries are running low, ensuring that the lock is always operational.

Adams Rite Background 

Adams Rites, commonly known as Adams Rite Manufacturing, is a prominent company in the door hardware industry, known for its innovative designs and high-quality door-locking mechanisms. The company specializes in creating locking products for narrow stile aluminum doors, but their product line extends to solutions for glass, wood, and hollow metal doors as well. Founded in 1896, Adams Rite has a long-standing history of providing security solutions that cater to both commercial and residential applications.

Adams Rite's success is largely built on its ability to innovate within the constraints of door design, particularly the narrow stile aluminum doors commonly found in commercial and institutional buildings. These doors require specialized locking mechanisms that do not compromise the door's structural integrity while ensuring robust security. Adams Rite has developed a wide range of products for these applications, including deadlocks, deadlatches, electric strikes, and exit devices.

Adams Rite And Smart Door Lock Installation

smart door locks and adams rite

Installing smart door locks on Adams Rite-equipped doors can enhance both security and convenience. Adams Rite, known for its robust and versatile locking mechanisms suitable for aluminum, glass, wood, and metal doors, provides a solid foundation for integrating smart technology. Here’s a detailed look at how smart door locks can be installed on doors equipped with Adams Rite locks, along with considerations and benefits.


Firstly, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility between the smart lock and the Adams Rite door hardware. Many smart door locks are designed to work seamlessly with standard pre-drilled holes and fittings, which are commonly found in doors that utilize Adams Rite locks. Since Adams Rite specializes in narrow stile aluminum doors commonly used in commercial settings, the smart door lock chosen must accommodate the specific dimensions and style of these doors.

Installation Process

  • Check Existing Hardware: Review the existing Adams Rite lock to understand the mechanism and compatibility with smart door locks. This includes checking the type of lock (deadbolt, deadlatch, etc.), the stile width, and the profile of the door.
  • Select the Right Smart Door Lock: Choose a smart door lock that fits the specific type and dimensions of your Adams Rite door. Many smart locks are adjustable, but it’s important to pick one that can integrate smoothly without extensive modifications.
smart door locks installation

  • Remove Existing Lock (if necessary): If the smart lock isn’t a retrofit model that works with the existing cylinder or deadlock, you may need to remove the old lock. This typically involves unscrewing the existing lock mechanism and cylinder from the door.
  • Install the Smart Door Lock: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the smart door lock. This generally includes mounting the lock on the door, installing the lock mechanism inside the door, and ensuring that all electronic components are properly connected.
  • Configure and Test: After installation, configure the smart door lock with any associated apps or systems, and test it thoroughly to ensure it operates correctly with the door closed and locked. Check the alignment of the lock and strike plate to ensure smooth operation.


Power Supply: Ensure that the smart door lock’s power requirements are met, whether it’s battery-operated or needs a direct power connection.

Weather Resistance: For exterior doors, look for weather-resistant smart door locks for it to perform best even when exposed in different weather conditions. 

weatherproof smart door locks

Security Features: Evaluate the security features of the smart lock, including encryption for wireless communications and built-in alarms or tamper sensors.


Enhanced Security: Smart door locks often provide better security features than traditional locks, such as access logs, real-time alerts, and the ability to remotely control and monitor access.

Convenience: Keyless entry, remote locking and unlocking, and the ability to issue digital keys for temporary access can greatly increase convenience for both residential and commercial properties.

Integration: Many smart locks integrate well with other smart home or building systems, allowing for comprehensive security and automation setups.

Installing smart locks on Adams Rite-equipped doors combines the strength and reliability of Adams Rite’s mechanical locking mechanisms with the advanced features of modern smart technology, providing an effective security upgrade for any property.

Smart Door Locks and Adams Rite Advantages

Compatibility and Installation

Adams Rite, a manufacturer of door hardware, designs its products with the flexibility to accommodate various types of locks, making them ideal for retrofitting with smart door locks. Most smart locks are easy to install on doors equipped with Adams Rite hardware, often using the existing drill holes and fittings. This compatibility not only simplifies the installation process but also reduces the cost and effort involved in upgrading to a smart lock system.

Customizable Access and Monitoring

With smart door locks, owners of doors equipped with Adams Rite hardware can enjoy customizable access control. This is particularly useful for businesses or homes that require different access levels for different individuals. Additionally, activity logs provided by smart locks allow for detailed monitoring of who accesses the door and provide valuable insights into security and usage patterns.

Aesthetics and Value Addition

Smart door locks come in various styles and finishes that can complement the aesthetic of doors using Adams Rite hardware and enhance the overall look of your property. Upgrading to smart locks can also increase the market value of your property by boosting its technological quotient and appeal to security-conscious buyers.


In conclusion, integrating smart door locks with Adams Rite-equipped doors represents a significant advancement in both security and convenience for any property. Adams Rite’s reputation for robust, high-quality locking mechanisms makes them a reliable foundation for the modern features offered by smart locks. This combination not only enhances the physical security of the doors but also brings the benefits of digital technology, such as remote access, real-time alerts, and user-specific access controls.

By combining the durable and reliable hardware of Adams Rite with the innovative technology of smart locks, property owners are equipped to face modern security challenges effectively. This pairing not only secures the property but also enhances its value, making it a smart choice for those looking to invest in their future security.

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