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Butt ringing

Having problems with it, but when it works it works great! In the casino it startles people when I forget my phone. Wallet stays in my back pocket. When it starts beeping I tell people "oh that is just my phone going off." I am having fun with it!

Window Vacuum Robot
Brannon Dickinson

Does the job perfectly

Window Vacuum Robot
Daron Mayert

great perfect.

Very good quality

I knew it was coming from China so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I took a chance for the price. After getting it installed and programmed I am completely satisfied and actually overwhelmed with satisfaction. It is a bathroom door from a pool deck area, and I have my grand children’s fingerprints programmed into it my wife me mother-in-law and close friends. If anyone ever gets locked out of the house there’s plenty of people that can get in. It took 11 days for me to get it but it was well worth the wait. I have not seen anything like this anywhere in Florida at Home Depot Lowes Ace Hardware even went to a locksmith. Definitely would recommend buying these I might buy four or five more! And Nick my rep was extremely helpful and very cooperative and very responsive even at 10:11 o’clock at night. It is so unique nobody has anything like it and everybody says where did you get that?

Wireless Food Thermometer
Aaron Gutkowski

Can't stop using these now when cooking with my bbq

Bluetooth Body Scale
John Randall

I did this already, I like the scale but HATE the ADDS

Window Vacuum Robot
Lucile Gorczany

Get it, you will not regret it.

Great door lock

Great lock, easy to install, reads fingerprint better than other brands

A good thing for those who live in high floors. For me on the third floor and with huge windows washing them from outside would be impossible without this.

Window Vacuum Robot
Brook Hodkiewicz

Works very well.

Window Vacuum Robot
Alex Corkery

It came very fast. It's very easy to use and very practical. The first time, before using it, you have to plug it into the current with the switch off and keep it that way until the orange light becomes green, indicating that the internal security battery is charged The mopas are then moistened with cleanser, but without passing and the switch is turned on to then stick to the window until it is glued. Finally, the remote control is given to start cleaning or the round metal button of the machine itself. The robot moves all over the glass and usually ends up where it started. For safety, the rope must be tied somewhere in case it fell, but it is very difficult for it to pass, as if it runs out, it holds without falling down for 20 minutes. Very happy with the robot.

I love it!

Fast shipment, product good very precise and fast fingerprint detection.

Smart Padlock Bluetooth
Myrna Prosacco

Easy setup, the lock is excellent. Opens both from the app and the fingerprint.

Robot vacuum cleaner good quality

Window Vacuum Robot
Julianne Hilll


Window Vacuum Robot
Aglae Wunsch

Very useful

Window Vacuum Robot
Laurel Eichmann

Awesome window vacuum robot, works great.

Checked, everything works great.

Window Vacuum Robot
Blanche Kris

Oh, my God! It's just fantastic!) I'm very happy with both this product. Recommend!

Good device. The installation to our interior door was easy and simple.

Plant sensor eval.

Generally good. Build quality could be improved as battery not always making contact. Required extra baking inside the device to ensure contact. Once battery contact reliable the device has worked well for moisture, fertility, light and temperature. Like the device for propagation work will have to see how well propagation goes over the next few months, but looking good.

Smart Padlock Bluetooth
Johnathan Schuster

Very good digital padlock! Very accurate and safe! Was the best investment.

Smart Car Mirror Dash Cam
Westley Hilpert

Excellent DVR, I ordered it for the second time (now as a gift).